Learning Prometheus, Grafana, and Loki with Docker

Getting Started

git clone https://github.com/dmuth/grafana-playground.git
cd grafana-playground
docker-compose up -d
docker-compose exec tools bash # Start a bash shell in the tools container
cat /mnt/config/dashboards.json | /mnt/bin/manage-dashboards.py --import --api-key API_KEY
/mnt/bin/manage-data-sources.py --api-key API_KEY
exit # Exit the tools container

Viewing Dashboards

Exporting Dashboards

docker-compose exec tools bash # Spawn a bash shell in tools container
/mnt/bin/manage-dashboards.py --export --api-key API_KEY > /mnt/dashboards.json
exit # Leave tools container

Running Ad-hoc Queries in Grafana

Manually Injecting Logs

docker-compose run logs n

Changing Which Hosts are Pinged

  • Edit docker-compose.yml
  • Change the HOSTS variable for the ping container.
  • Restart the ping container with docker-compose kill ping; docker-compose up -d ping
  • Current hosts being pined can be inspected with docker inspect grafana-playground_ping_1 | jq .[].Config.Env (adjust the container name accordingly).

Command Line Utilities

  • ./bin/query.sh '{job="logs-ping"}'
  • ./bin/query.sh '{job="logs-ping"}' 5
  • ./bin/query.sh '{job="logs-ping",host="docker"}'
  • ./bin/query.sh '{job="logs-ping",filename="/logs/ping/google.com.log"}'
  • ./bin/query.sh '{job="logs-ping",filename=~"/logs/ping.*"}'
  • ./bin/query.sh '{job="logs-ping",filename=~"/logs/ping.*"}' 10

Closing Thoughts



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