Getting the Most out of Obsidian

Organizing in Obsidian

File Organization in Obsidian

File Attachments

Useful Obsidian Commands and Hotkeys

  • Command-R: Reveal active file in navigation — When you run this command, it will highlight the current file in the navigation bar on the left side of your vault. Useful if you have a lot of folders expanded.
  • Command-M: Move file to another folder — Pretty much what it says. It lets you move the file to another folder by presenting you with an autocompleting box where you can type in the name of the folder.
  • Shift-cmd-L: Manage workspaces — A workspace is a collection of open notes and the geometries of their respective windows. This command will let you save your current notes and their locations and sizes into a named workspace for later use
  • Cmd-L: Load workspace — This lets you load a previously saved workspace
  • Shift-cmd-O: Show in system explorer — Opens Finder with the current note you are working on selected. This is useful if you need to get to the underlying filesystem quickly.

Useful CSS for your Obsidian Vault



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